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The Relentless Pursuit of Opportunity

At EVOequity we are guided by core values of championing honesty, rewarding excellence, continuously learning, solving problems together, and earning the win. We succeed by approaching each day like it’s the first.

We believe strong foundations are vital in building the trust of our clients. This can be achieved by starting from the bottom and consistently grow together through partnerships.

Having said that, when you invest with EVOequity you can be assured that the stability of your investment is one of our primary concerns. We operate under Complete Transparency and Highly Experienced Traders.


Our Core Values

Our unique program have been meticulously researched, analyzed and stress-tested, and have proven their ability to profit in virtually ANY economic environment. Time after time, the successful growth of this investment class in general has proven to thrive regardless of conditions such as a strong economy, world pandemic, low inflation, high interest rates, or a bloated or depressed financial market. While our fund are no panacea to endless profits, we strongly feel we obtain an even further edge by sticking to our key investment formula and always staying true to our Core Investment Strategy.

Price action

No technical indicator (lagging) based methodologies are required here. Trading is less “market dependent” and instead is based on volumetric and price action data, leaving it much less susceptible to “black box” trading problems and periods of prolonged under-performance.


EVOequity is constantly evolving and improving to ensure it always stays ahead of the curve to handle an ever-changing market. New versions, programs, and strategies are always being developed, tested, and strategically deployed to improve its risk:reward profile.

Small Market Footprint

Losses are manage diligently using a proprietary and innovative money management algorithm. Investors never have to sweat through gut-wrenching long term draw-downs ever again. This makes the journey just as pleasant as the destination for all.

Long Term
Strategy Focus

The core strategies focus on supply / demand and market momentum. While the markets are dynamic and always changing, all of these are conditions that always have, and always will occur in the financial markets to an almost certain degree.

The Right

The full team surrounding Evoequity are constantly growing, improving, and are forward thinking, positive, and are true professionals all aligned for undisputed success. This is important as there are no politics and ego’s at play (which is often a huge problem which plagues the financial industry).


The key to Evoequity´s excellent risk-adjusted rates of return, are achieved via it’s risk management. Risk is continually being measured and managed. It has a huge continuity plan, risk management protocol, and safety strategy built in at the foundation to mitigate against market threats.


We charge one simple all-inclusive fee for everything. We believe that fees should be earned and that the interests of managers should always be aligned with those of their clients.We only make money, when you make money. The fee we charge is often referred to as a High Water Mark “Performance Fee”.


Years of back models plus live, real money, and real market proof plus survivability truly make EVOequity Boutique Forex Managed Accounts the “rare white buffalo”. It is tough to argue with data and even tougher to compete with live verifiable proof!

Cumulative Gross Returns



1) There is a substantial risk of loss in trading commodity futures, equities, options and off-exchange foreign currency products and past performance is not indicative of future results. 2) Gross returns are live money trading results, based on equity (i.e. does take into account open positions), presented before deduction of any performance fees. 3) All analysis have been independently verified by the Advisor, a 3rd party CPA, or a social trading utility verification protocol (i.e. myfxbook, darwinex). 4) Gross returns are presented here from a single master account, and results may vary from brokerage to brokerage depending on where it is trading, the timing of participation, the fees being charged, and the use of any risk multipliers or notional funding applied to the account.


Minimum Investment: 5,000 (EUR, GBP, USD and AUD) 1
Hold Your Account In: EUR, GBP, USD and AUD
Fund Your Account By: Bank Wire, Neteller, Credit Card or UnionPay
Fees: 20% HWM monthly Performance Fee
Customizable Risk? Yes, user defined between 0.1x – 4x notional 2
Equity Protection? Yes. global account stop loss available 2

1 For Darwinex the minimum investment is 500 ( EUR, USD and GBP)
2 For Boutique Forex Managed Account Only

News & Market Insights

  • USD: Further bouts of dollar strength over the coming quarter

    Analysts at Rabobank point out that the US dollar has proved to be the safe haven of choice for many investors.

    April 11, 2020
  • Weekly Report : 6/10 April

    Greetings, A less volatile week after the big turmoil witnessed previously. Trading is recovering after the drawdown at the beginning of the month. Like i said before, “fixation” areas are the worst for EVOequity, although system could recover due to well balanced portfolio and is currently -1,64 % for the month. Please stay safe, and

    April 10, 2020
  • “Unlike anything we have seen before”

    Commenting on the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the US economy, “this is quite different than any crisis we have had in the past,” Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic said on Monday, as reported by Reuters. “This is first and foremost a challenge in our public health system. The whole trajectory is going to

    March 30, 2020
  • Weekly Report : 23/27 March

    Greetings, Another week as passed, i´ve halted trading in XAUUSD, as explained in previous post. Was a good week for trading, and finished at all time high . Coronavirus spread are ridiculous high in Europe and US, in my opinion due to main focus in economy rather than lifes wich is really sad. In other

    March 28, 2020

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